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Opsy #1: Kicking off Opsy things

I've got lots of Plans™️ but I want to make sure those align what with you will actually find helpful. And, for that, I need your feedback!
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Thanks for coming along on this ride with me! I really appreciate all the enthusiasm and support. ✨

I created this community after years of hoping that I would just ~magically~ come across a place for people like me. I've always worked on small teams and, for the last half of my career, been the most senior ops pro on my team. I've mainly learned from trial and error and always wished I had more ops friends that I could poke across the internet to be like... "What do you think about x? 👀 "

There are really specialized communities out there for people ops, design ops, finance, etc. but I wear lots of opsy hats and I like it that way. (And I know I'm not alone!) Plus, us generalists can learn a lot from you specialists and vice versa.

I think a strong ops pro is a secret advantage at tech companies. I want to spotlight the work we're doing, while also creating a space for us to build our networks, share resources, and learn from another.

I've got lots of Plans™️ but I want to make sure those align what with you will actually find helpful. And, for that, I need your feedback!

What kind of help do you actually want? 😅

Tell me by filling out this form, booking a time to chat, or just replying to this email.

I can't wait to hear from you. 💜



The Opsy podcast is breaking off the "learn from each other" piece of Opsy's mission! Since I can't exactly duck-tape you all to your chairs and force you to blog all your secrets, I figured this would be the next best thing?

The first episode will drop in November but, until then, check out the trailer below to find out what we have in store. And share with all your podcast-obsessed friends!

The best way for them to get all the episodes delivered straight to their inbox is to have them sign up at Opsy.Work.

The Rise of the COO Role by Allison Pickens (h/t Megan!)
This is the article I’ll be sending to everyone who wants to understand what a COO does and when it’s the right time to hire one. (Bonus: Allison maintains an “Opportunity Seekers” list of folks who are looking for COO roles. If that’s you, scroll down to the bottom of the post to join.)

Rethinking Your Startup’s System via First Round
This interview with Colleen McCreary, Chief People Officer at Credit Karma, is interesting even for non-people folks. I particularly enjoyed her framing of ops work - “I am the product manager of the systems and tools that run the company. My job is to... support the work our leadership team has decided needs to get done."

Guide to Breaking Up Work Fights via Bright & Early
Self explanatory, probably? Good resource for newbie managers, in particular.


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FirstRound Recruiter Track is an eight-week crash course in recruiting for anyone looking to build those skills. Apply by Sept 26. [Free, virtual]

DesignOps Summit is exactly what it sounds like! The virtual conference is happening Sept 29 - Oct 1. [Virtual]