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Opsy #39

Hiring executives, organizational design, exceptional parental leave plans and more.
Opsy #39

I've been thinking a lot about hiring executives lately.

It's hard to know exactly who to hire, how to find them, title them, convince them to come on... it's all just really tricky. Especially if you're at a startup where everything is a moving target!

I recently rounded up a few of my go-to resources on this subject. I hope they're helpful if you're in the same boat!

Got any favorites that I'm missing? Hit reply to send them my way.


This month's episode of the Opsy podcast is one of my all time favorites!

I interviewed Jessie Zwaan, a people ops veteran and current COO with a really unique approach to operations leadership.

This episode is a must listen for anyone thinking about organizational design, creating more values-based policies, or up-skilling in new functions like finance.

Have an opsy article, podcast, or event to share? I'm always open to suggestions!

Exceptional parental leave plans: This is a great primer on how to prepare for a parental leave, but I hate that the onus is usually on the parents themselves. (Many of whom are doing it for the first time and/or have a million competing priorities.) I'd love to see more companies use advice like this to create thoughtful resources and templates for their team.

Global Pay, But Make It Ethical: Aligning on a compensation strategy has never been easy but it's gotten increasingly complicated in recent years. Especially if you're trying to balance profitability with equal pay ethics. This round-up from people consultancy Bright+Early is one of the best resources I've seen.

Open Enrollment Comms Templates: I love a helpful starting point. If you're a benefit admin with open enrollment on your to-do list, maybe start here.