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Opsy #35: Diving deeper into BizOps

In which it's BizOps time, all the time! (For this week, at least.)
Opsy #35: Diving deeper into BizOps

How's your week going?

I got my first, "let's circle back on this after the holidays" this week so... here's your warning that the end (of the year) is near! 😱

In the meantime, there's still lots to do and lots to learn. And thanks to our friends at The BizOps Network, we've got a new Opsy Guide to help with the latter.

🥁 Introducing the Opsy Guide to BizOps! 🥁

We've interviewed six experts about their jobs, the role, and their advice to ops folks trying to break into the field.

If you've been wanting to dig a little deeper into business operations (aka BizOps), then this is the article for you!


Have you listened to our latest podcast ep yet? 👀️

In case you're not BizOps-ed out yet, we've got a great interview with Stephen Levin ready for ya. Stephen started his career in data before a cold email to Zapier's CEO led him to grow career in BizOps right alongside the growing company.

We used our convo to chat about:

  • The two types of projects that are perfect for BizOps teams to own
  • How BizOps roles (and teams) change as companies grow
  • What Stephen looks for when hiring for his own team
  • Why your CEO shouldn't be leading executive meetings—and how you can learn to be a better facilitator of them

... and so much more!

Have an opsy article, podcast, or event to share? Hit reply to let me know.

State of DesignOps 2022: What is says on the tin! A super-comprehensive rundown of the space and the people doing the work. Two fun facts - more DesignOps pros come from design than ops, and the majority identify as women.

The End of Excel: A nerdy rabbit hole for all the Excel lovers and haters that I know are among us. 😉

Learn Zapier in 60 Minutes: I'm hosting this crash course to automating things with Zapier next week. If you've been wanting to dig into the no-code space, here's your chance! (I've also been recc'ing Aron's Learn Airtable in 60 Minutes stream a lot recently.)