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Introducing the Opsy Podcast

Learning ops by ourselves is hard. Learning from each other is easier! And much more fun...
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Running operations at a startup can be big job, especially when you are the only ops pro (or the most senior) on your team.

Finding mentors and peers who are doing similar work can be challenging since the nature of our jobs changes so much from company to company, and operations folks don't create educational content in the same way that designers and developers do.

That's why I created this community—to help us share resources, learn from one another, and build our networks.

And, now, I'm starting a podcast!

Check out the trailer or transcript below. And then join our community to get all the episodes in an inbox near you. :)



Welcome to Opsy, a new podcast for people doing opsy work in tech.

I’m your host, Caro Griffin.

Operations, as a career, has always cast a wide net. And I love this about operations!

I’ve been working in ops for ten years now and no two roles of mine have ever been the same. But the common thread has always been solving problems…

Sometimes those are HR problems, sometimes they’re cash flow problems, and a lot of times they’re process problems, but they’re all things that a business needed to fix in order to be successful. It can be a really big job!

But that’s what operations has traditionally been: solving problems and running all the “back office” functions that keep the business running, things like finance, HR, legal, facilities. Really, whatever needed to be done. You know, the things that some people find boring but people like us drool over.

(What’s that? You’ve never drooled over a broken spreadsheet? Ok, fine, I guess. That’s a little weird, but moving on….)

What operations was exactly varied from company to company, but there was usually a lot of overlap. These days, though, it feels like the list of what “operations” could include is 3x as long. I can’t even keep track!

Newer titles like Chief of Staff and Head of Special Projects are becoming more and more common. And a lot of teams are realizing that they need a dedicated ops person and are creating sub specialties like marketing ops, revenue ops, and even no-code ops—a personal favorite of mine.

Some operations folks focus on just one of these areas, but a lot of us work across a bunch of them - and the exact combination and ratio depends on the nature of the business. So a seemingly innocent title like Operations Manager can include a lot of things!

Juggling all these things can be tough. Especially when you are the only ops person on your team —or the most senior ops one.

You don’t have a lot of people to turn to for advice and guidance and so you learn through trial and error… which is not efficient. And ops people, well, we’re all about efficiency, right?

That’s why I created Opsy—to help opsy people in tech share resources, learn from one another, and build our networks.

And that’s where this podcast comes in!

In every episode, I’ll be talking with a different ops person who’s doing cool stuff in tech. I want us to dig into the problems they’ve faced, how they solved them, and what we can learn from their triumphs and mistakes.

I think a super smart ops person is a competitive advantage at a startup. I want to showcase that work and help us all get better at our jobs at the same time.

The first episode of the Opsy podcast will be out in November. And I hope you’ll join me for the ride! You can make sure you get all the episodes by becoming a free or premium member on our website, opsy.work.

Until then - stay opsy, friends!