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Opsy #29: The curvy path into ops leadership (and an IRL meetup!)

This week, we're talking about paths to the COO role and making plans to meet up IRL (!!) in NYC.
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The path to the COO role is a curvy one, with lots of different routes into the role.

We've already talked about a few of them on the podcast but, today, we're talking about one more: people operations.

On the blog, Whereby COO Jessica Zwaan shares why hiring a People leader into the COO role is a good move for businesses—and the exact skills she built to make the jump herself.

Check out her post 👉🏻 A new path to COO

NYC Meetup

Do you live in New York? Do you want to nerd out with other operations pros in real life?!

Opsy Founding Member Danyelle Merino is planning a meetup for members in the area. Fill out this form to confirm interest and weigh in on the best date to host it!

I will send stickers and try to resist the urge to hop on a flight. 👀

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People Operations Jobs: A great source for people operations pros who are looking for their next role. (H/t Paige Brewster for the recommendation!)