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Opsy #4: Meetups, automations, and conferences, oh my!

We're bringing together 50 operations pros for some learning and networking. And we'd love to see you there!
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Did you hear about our Opsy Meetup next week?

I'm bringing together 50 operations pros for some learning and networking. I'd love to see you there!

Don't forget to invite any great ops people you know. 💕

On the Blog

Many service-based businesses have a standard onboarding process for new clients that involves sending out an invoice and get them to sign some routine documents. At best, this is a rote, administrative task. At worst, it's error-prone and just another hurdle for clients to jump over before they can get started.

If you or someone on your team spends a lot of time on processes like this, then this week's tutorial is for you. I'm sharing one of my favorite opsy hacks!

↪️  How to streamline payments & contracts for new clients

This is most useful for folks who:

  • Manually onboard new clients in a service-based business
  • Work in account management or a client-facing role
  • Are curious about Stripe's new(ish) Payment Links feature
  • Already use HelloSign's Templates feature and want to make their process even more efficient

Have an opsy link, job, or event to share? Hit reply to let me know.

No-Code Conf is online this year! Sponsored by Webflow and featuring +40 talks for all levels, it's a great way to get acclimated with the no-code space or level up your skills for free.

CFO Connect shared all the recordings from their recent virtual conference. They're all geared towards finance folks working in tech but more relevant for folks at bigger companies imo.

See you next week!