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Opsy #34: One year in...

Recapping our first year together by the numbers...
Opsy #34: One year in...

It's officially been a year since Opsy was born! Shout out to everyone who's joined, shared, contributed, and otherwise helped make this space a real community. 💜⚡

Since I'm an ops person who loves to quantify things, I'm pre-empting our normal newsletter with a little Opsy: by the numbers to recap of our first year together, and share a few plans for the next one.

Here's how our first year together shook out...

+500 members! 👯
I started Opsy to bring together ops generalists and specialists in one place so we could learn and grow together, but I've still been surprised by just how varied our backgrounds, specialities, and job titles are. It's so cool to see! Thanks to all of you who shared Opsy online or with your friends and colleagues.

+75 Founding Members 🥰
I launched with a paid tier because I wanted to find a core group of early members to help shape the community and validation that there was a revenue stream here to make it sustainable over time. And our Founding Members helped me do both things! I love our little Slack group and am excited to make this membership even better in year two.

34 newsletters 💌
I sent a newsletter (or podcast ep) almost every week, barring a few holidays and wild global events where it felt not great to do so. Sometimes it's hard to create/find enough content that meets my standards so I plan to move to biweekly moving forward, and also to bring in more guest writers so it's not just me in your inbox every week.

10 podcast episodes 🎙️
I started the podcast not on a whim... but whatever is just above a whim. I wanted a way to share peoples' expertise in a format that didn't require a lot of effort on their part, and a podcast felt right for that. I learned a lot about the mechanics of producing a podcast in the process, but also that (1) podcasts are a lot of fun and (2) people will let you be hella nosy if you tell them you're recording it! 😏 I've got lots of plans to make season two even better - especially for you folks who prefer the transcripts!

5 meetups 📆
We hosted four virtual meetups with a handful of lightning talks, roundtable discussions, and more 1:1 speed networking chats then I can count. And we even had an IRL meetup in NYC last night!! It's been so cool to see Opsy exist out in the world without me.

Thanks again for being part of this community and helping us make it to the end of our first year. 💜


Founding Membership is closing forever at the end of the month, which is.... looks at watch ... today!

If you're already a member, thank you! You've locked in your current pricing forever and we're going to level up your perks over the next few months. 🚀

If you're not already a member and think you might want to be, upgrade now!

Extra special shoutout to Kelli Smith, Megan Bianco, Cristy Girard, Laura Shaw, Emily Armando, Danyelle Merino, all our podcast guests, and our Founding Members for their extra support this year. 💜