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Opsy #31: Links on links

Rounding up our most-clicked links
Opsy #31: Links on links

I'm doing a little something different this week!

In every newsletter, I share 2-3 links. Some of them are more timely (events, helpful product updates, etc.) but a lot of them are evergreen resources, and some are ones I reach for all the time. A most-recommended, if you will!

A big part of Opsy is helping us learn from each other so we can stop reinventing the wheel and do better, faster work. So I thought I'd do a little roundup!

If you joined us recently, or have missed some newsletters, here's a chance to catch up. 👇🏻

Job searching


Leveling up

People ops

How we work

Now, I have to ask: What resource do you reach for all the time? What are the helpful links you often find yourself forwarding?

Hit reply to let me know! I'd love to include them in a future newsletter.

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