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Opsy #22: What sticker would you stick first?

If you've been thinking about making a move, we've got the advice you need to hear.
Opsy sticker sheet and thank you note from Caro on top of a member's laptop
Shoutout to Jeremey for showing off his Opsy Founding Member swag!

Have you listened to the latest episode of the Opsy podcast?

If you've been thinking about how to strategically grow your ops career and/or find your next role, this is one episode you have to listen too.

I chatted with experienced COO Barrett Brooks about so many things, including:

  • How to identify your next role and go after it in a strategic way
  • Creating opportunities for yourself by being active in communities (like Opsy!)
  • The upsides and downsides of bootstrapping a team through huge growth
  • The professional development expense that ConvertKit spent $12,000/month on 👀
  • And why he left a famously remote company to start commuting again

Listen to the episode (or read the transcript) ⚡

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Stitching Together Looms: Loom is one of my favorite tools for team communication and you can now stitch together multiple videos within the tool itself. It's a huge win for async teams who want to pre-record presentations with multiple people, as well as sales and customer support teams who want to add personalized intros to existing product walk throughs, tutorials, etc.

Introducing Two-way Writeups: Notion competitor Coda shared the internal format (called a "two-way writeup") that they've used to replace presentations and memos. There are some interesting takeaways, even if you're not using Coda.

LGBTQ+ Corporate Equality Index: The Human Rights Campaign released their annual report on LGBT+ representation at companies across the spectrum. I don't put a lot of stock in "best places to work" lists, but the numbers themselves are helpful benchmarks as you think about diversity on your team.